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Permanently shreds files & folders

Files Shredder permanently shreds files & folders from your Mac System to keep sensitive information secure and impossible for anyone to retrieve. This is a simple intuitive tool to permanently wipe unwanted sensitive data from your Mac. It has an easy to use user interface and novice users can easily use it.

Safely delete important documents

Do you have important documents on your Mac that you no longer need and must remain away from prying eyes? Files Shredder helps you permanently delete such files easily and effectively.

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How does Files Shredder work?

Files Shredder works as easy as 1-2-3. You can quickly launch "Files Shredder" app to Add Files and folders you want to delete securely to make them unrecoverable.

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Add Files and Folders

Launch "Files Shredder" app and simply drag and drop Files and folders you want to delete securely.


Review and Select

All Selected files and folders will be presented in a list for you to review and to be selected for secure deletion.


Confirm & Delete

Select the files and folders you want to delete permanently, confirm and proceed to delete them securely.

Exclusive Pricing Plans

Activate Files Shredder by purchasing a Lifetime License or more better upgrade to Wise Mac Care.

  • imgShred Unlimited files
  • imgAdvanced algorithms
  • imgFree Extended Download Service
  • imgLifetime License
Recommended Upgrade
img Wise Mac Care
  • imgAll in One Performance Suite
  • imgSpeed up your Mac
  • imgFree up gigabytes of Space
  • imgUninstall unwanted apps
  • imgKeep your online activity private

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions for Files Shredder

Simply deleting files does not mean that they cannot be recovered by intruders. Bypass the Trash to permanently and securely delete files from your Mac, so that the shredded files cannot be recovered whatsoever.

Yes! Files Shredder can delete files and folders stored on USB devices and external drives.

Files deleted using Files Shredder are permanently delete and cannot be recovered even by using a recovery software. Carefully delete only the files that you no longer need.

Files Shredder is also available for Windows. Get it here.

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